Productive (sorta)


Montage from the 1940s Ball

So the 1940s Ball did take a bit out of my day today (as did offering some video instruction for our film’s producer).

But … drumroll.. two things were accomplished.

The first is our latest video explaining why we need money in the Kickstarter. Frankly, I’m getting a bit nervous because we’ve only had four donors so far. We need more. A lot more. The reality is that if just 1500 people purchase the digital download of the film, we’ll be at our level. Ideally the video will inspire people to do that.

The second is that the WEBSITE IS UPDATED!!! I  may add to it in the coming days, but the site now has lost much of the “coming soon” pages. It’s not complex – the i-doc will be far more detailed – but at least it’s starting to do what I want it to do and can serve as an attractive placeholder until the interactive film is completed.

Of course, I know all my blog subscribers (hahahaha) are dying to know about the critical issue: how did the winged eyeliner turn out. Well, lovelies, it was for the most part perfect. The rain and my allergies caused some minimal smudging and one of my false eyelashes got slightly detached by the end of the night, but both were things that only I noticed. Lesson learned: let the eyelash glue dry before opening one’s eyes. And take allergy meds.


Director Kathleen Ryan (left) with Evalette Bizou (center) and Bang Bang Von Loola (right).

It’s weird in a way how these subcultures start to consume one as a documentarian. I can rationalize the eyeliner and false eyelashes by saying it was a costume for the ball, but this stuff is fun to do, and it’s a trend I’ve found before. Even my language begins to change (talking to readers as lovelies, for instance). By committing myself to telling a story about a subculture, I in a way become a part of that subculture. It’s a way of fitting in.

As an academic I’m going to need to tease this out with a bit of self-reflexivity. What does it say that I use the accoutrements of the group as a cheat of sorts to becoming an insider and gaining trust.


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