Just. Ten. Dollars.


This is the point where I start to go a little nutty in Kickstarter campaigns. I know we have the fan base and people are sharing the campaign on social media, which is fabulous. But there aren’t the donations yet to back up the project (I love early donors).

Why do I go nutty? Kickstarter is all or nothing. All. Or. Nothing. If the campaign doesn’t reach it’s minimum goal, it’s not funded. Plain and simple.

And when I start doing the math, the all or nothing thing starts to drive me nuts.

We have more than 3,500 fans on our various sites. Not a ton when compared to some others on social media, but nothing to sneeze at. They’re good, engaged fans. I like our fans. Seriously.


Simple math says that if every single fan donated just $10 – that’s a pre-order of the digital download of the film (access in 2016) – then we’ll go WAAAY over our goal.

I start to feel like National Public Radio during one of it’s pledge drives (cue soothing NPR-style announcer voice):

Take the time and contribute just $10 today. For every $10 we get, we’re closer to our goal. We’ll end our campaign early once we reach our goal. So give today.

My husband asks if I’m bribing people. You’re saying you’ll give them regular content if they just give you money? I reply I’ll just step back – not so many requests.


But it’s just $10. That NPR voice starts in my head again:

For less than the price of a couple of lattes at your favorite coffee shop, you can support Pin Up! The Movie and help make it a reality. Become a backer for just $10 today.

Ok, back to outreach work.

Oh, and those who were asking, yes, I do plan on using some of those lines in tweets and FB posts….



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