List of What I’m Doing Today

  1. Update the Pin Up! The Movie website. Oh, it seems as if I’ve been lax (few updates since last summer), but we’ve been working on the i-doc and I was hoping to get at least a draft of that up by now. That didn’t happen, so the temporary site needs a temporary facelift.
  2. My kick-ass PR director Aaron Ragan-Fore suggested that I write a freelance piece for Bustle or Jezebel or whatnot. I think I’m going to try and do two versions. What do you think about “Five Things I Learned When Making a Pin Up Documentary” and “Can Feminists Be Pin Ups”? Let me know in the comments.PUTMpostcardlores
  3. 1940s BALL IS TONIGHT!!!!!!! Winged eyeliner a must. Oh, but I can’t forget to print out our promotional postcards (those are them on the left) – the whole reason for going.
  4. All the typical social media needed to keep the Kickstarter going.

A girl’s work is never done.

Seriously, I’ve forgotten just how demanding the Kickstarter campaigns can be. It’s daunting. What the hell was I thinking???

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