Why? Tell Me Why?

As I said yesterday, I don’t like asking people I don’t even know for money. But here’s why we need your help on Kickstarter.


Imelda May performs at Viva Las Vegas. As seen in Pin Up! The Movie

  • Music. There are a lot of great musicians who’ve agreed to be part of Pin Up! The Movie and their music makes the project better. That includes name acts like Imelda May and Postmodern Jukebox and up and comers like the Barberettes and Bitter:Sweet, but also little known acts like The Pink Tiles, The Underscore Orckestra and Jahzzar. They ALL deserve to get paid. Not just the acts with major record label deals.
  • Speaking of pay, our producers, social media director and me (director) have received NADA for the film. It’s all been volunteer work (or, as I joke, duct tape and good intentions). Our $15K goal? That only covers licensing fees.
  • If I can’t get the music licensed, I can’t screen the film as it’s currently edited. That simple.
  • Stretch goals – we’ve got them too – will support a free interactive version of the project online and for your smartphones.

I know there are tens of thousands of you out there who love pin up culture. This is the first ever movie to delve into that world.


Ginger Rose (left) and Bang Bang Von Loola (right) primp for the 1940s White Christmas Ball. As seen in Pin Up! The Movie.

If every one of our Facebook fans just selected the digital download of the film (a measly $10 premium) we’d be OVER our goal. Kickstarter is all or nothing. Please help make Pin Up! The Movie come to life. Support our Kickstarter and share it with your friends.





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