Countdown to Kickstarter


I’m working on getting all my ducks in a row as I move toward the Kickstarter launch date for Pin Up! The Movie. And I’m already starting to feel the pressure of the all or nothingness that is Kickstarter.

kickstarter1So I make lists. And have increasingly paranoid responses to any glitch.

  • Interesting premiums. Check. (Wait – that premium person hasn’t called me back – wait, do they now want nothing to do with the film???)
  • Pretty Kickstarter page. Check. (Have I made all the planned edits????)
  • Realistic standard and stretch goals. Check. (can I really raise $15,000. Deep breaths).
  • Cool introductory video. Check. (is there something wrong that I feel confident about this one?)
  • Engagement planned for audiences. Check – both for the campaign and for other stuff. (confidence is contagious).
  • Keeping up the mantra: if every Facebook fan gives just $5, I’ll make the goal. Check.

The Wednesday launch date is oh, so close.

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