Top 14 of 2014

‘Tis the season for making lists, so here’s our countdown of our top posts from the past year. Without further ado, fourteen for ’14..

14. Quiz Show, Part One. We’re a sucker for bad girls. And quizzes. And so, it seems are you. Not only did you take the quiz – you also shared the results with us on Facebook! We’ve got Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Eartha Kitt, Elizabeth Taylor, Jayne Mansfield – who knew our fans were so diverse in their badditude? 

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 5.33.39 PM

13. Going Gaga for Big Eyes.  It was the vintage style of Tim Burton’s Big Eyes that initially caught our eyes (see what we did there?). But we also love the fact that it’s a story about the woman behind the man who should have gotten all the credit… even if the paintings do kind of creep us out.

12. Pin Up Princesses. Every girl needs a bit of a makeover, including some classic Disney princesses. Or is that classic pin up girls? We’re a bit confused… but certainly delighted by the results. 

disney_pinups_05-pin-up-girls-become-disney-delights screen-shot-2014-09-17-at-8-58-07-am-here-are-the-women-of-disney-redesigned-as-cute-retro-pin-up-girls

11. The Male Gaze. Playboy models from 1954 to 1979 (including Miss March 1954 Delores Del Monte, below) talked about posing, pornography, and (life after) Playboy in New York Magazine‘s “The View from a Centerfold.”


10. Got Milk? From the fabulous photos of milk-draped models posing as pin-ups, to the controversial (and some say sexist) campaign by Coke for a “processed milk drink” (aka milka-cola) using said photos, to the model who said the photos were used for the ads without her consent, it was a series of interesting developments, to say the least.


#NotBuyingIt or #NotSexist? You decide.


9. Curves Ahead. The Pirelli folks make tires… and a calendar that’s a pretty big deal in high fashion and modeling circles. So it’s a REALLY big deal when Pirelli decided for the first time ever to use a plus-sized model. Congrats to size-16 model Candice Huffine (below), who appears in the 2015 calendar.


8. A “Lost” Art? The new book from Taschen out this year, The Art of Pin-Up, got lots of press this fall. And we were happy to share it with you – a contributing author is our friend Lou Meisel!


But seriously to call it a “lost” art, as CNN did in October? Silly! The oh-so-modern looking Earl Moran (above), the timeless appeal of Edward Runci (below), and the tens of thousands of fans of pin up globally will tell you differently!


7. Hollywood in Kodachrome Vintage styles. Gorgeous stars. Dreamy color photographs. What’s not to love? Thanks for curating this list, Vanity Fair, which included this swoon-worthy image of Lucille Ball.


6. Fanciful Fairytales. Photographer Margarita Kareva takes her inspiration from Russian (and other) fairy tales to create images that are just ….. ethereal.


5. Superheroes as 16th Century Paintings.  Photographer Sacha Goldberger’s series Super Flemish re-imagined pop culture characters like Snow White, Wonder Woman, Alice in Wonderland and others in this two-plus year project.  Including a very goth Catwoman. Yes, please.


 4. The Java Jive. We guess you really like coffee. Or National Coffee Day. Or classic pin up inspired ads.


And here’s a little bit of music to add a little jolt to your day.

3. Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. You liked, and shared, many of the classic pin ups we posted in connection with Adopt a Shelter Month back in October. But “It’s Easy,” this bit of magic by Gil Elvgren, was by far your favorite.


But a vintage Vargas wasn’t far behind….


2. Quiz Show, Part Two.  Our little game helping you find your pin-up style was a fan favorite! Hmm… maybe we should make another???

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 3.41.17 PM

And, drumroll please……

1. The Healing Power of Pin Up Modeling.  We never dreamed that a link to an article by Playboy would get this much attention, but you liked it. You really really liked it.

Maybe this quote is one reason why:

By the end of the shoot, I’d had so much damned fun I’d forgotten my weight, my height, my BMI, and how many calories I’d taken in that day. I’d forgotten my earlier awkwardness and my reticence to pose in my panties and bra. I’d forgotten to hate myself for having a perfectly normal body. I’d forgotten everything but the thrill of embodying the classic, sultry archetype of the pin-up girl.

Or maybe it was just the really fabulous photos, all styled and taken by Iconic Pin-Ups.


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