Beauty Review: sponge curlers

Fun review of sponge curlers. It’s a great way to get curl in your hair minus the damage products like curling irons or hot rollers can cause (speaking from personal experience). Rag curlers (I’ve got a set that are foam-filled rags with wire twists on the end) also do the trick nicely.

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I recently purchased a set of very inexpensive sponge hair curlers online to experiment with curling methods. While I love my hot curlers and they do a fabulous job, the thought of setting my hair before bed, and waking up with it ready to go, just seemed much easier, whilst living a busy lifestyle. Taking only five minutes, I dampened each section of hair with water from a spray bottle, and applied a small amount of hair spray, and set my entire head in 12 sponge curlers.

photo 1
While they make look a little bulky, they’re actually really quite comfortable to sleep in! To ensure I didn’t ruin my curls while sleeping, I tied a silk head tie around my head, if you don’t own something like this, a tea towel, or scarf will do the trick! I was very anxious to see the results, as if it didn’t work out…

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