Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Preston Duncan Shoots for Artistry

How I got sidetracked this morning from writing.

buddy_rogersBuddy Rogers, photographed by Preston Duncan.

otion picture still photography grew rapidly from the early teens through the mid-1920s, becoming the main publicity staple of Hollywood film studios. Begun merely as a record for film scenes, shot by camera operators and cinematographers, stills also quickly expanded into the artistic realm.

At the turn of the 20th century, stage and vaudeville performers personally hired New York studio photographers to shoot images they could employ to promote themselves in newspapers and magazines. David Shields, in his book, “Still: American Silent Motion Picture Photography,” notes that many studios at this time began experimenting with visual language to create what we now know as glamour.

Mary Mallory’s “Hollywoodland: Tales Lost and Found” is available for the Kindle.

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