16 June 2014


A breakthrough of sorts today. Well, actually in the wee overnight hours that was implemented today.

Writing has been going slowly to say the least. The act of translating the project from my brain to the page (and later, of course, to the web and screen) is becoming a ridiculously protracted process this go around. It’s not that I don’t know where the project is going to go – just getting to there has been the hard part.

The Eureka moment? Realizing that this is an interactive documentary (duh). Which means that I can start with smaller segments, interlinked to one another – each offering a new element of the story. At the moment I’m writing the segment with “The Besties” – this would be Bang Bang Von Loola and Ginger Rose of the Blue Stocking Burly Qs, who both competed in the Pin Up Contest at the 1940s Ball at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver last December – a contest that Bang Bang won. The photo above came from a shoot with the obviously talents crew at Sheila Broderick Photography styled by Cha Cha Romero of Haus of Dollz – part of the prize package that Bang Bang won.

The project at the moment is broken up into those smaller segments. I’ve made a rough outline. For instance, “The Besties” includes the main segment talking about the bond between Bang Bang and Ginger, and also segments about each of the women individually and their work together in the Burly Qs. Other sections will be similarly multi-layered.

So, progress. And now back to writing.

And, of course, Happy Birthday to the project producer, David Staton.


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