New Addition!

Fabulous news! Video/photography artist Jordan Rathus is interested in being interviewed by the project ! She’s done a fabulous work that poke at some of the pin up clichés we see all to often (there’s also a Santa and some other stuff in the video “No Comment,” which you can see a clip of here).

I first saw her work at the Portland, Oregon, art gallery Upfor earlier this summer and bought her “calendar” – it’s a month of Decembers, including a centerfold, all drawn from the video and printed in a limited edition. This is one of the images (courtesy of Upfor’s blog)


I’ve been wanting to talk with a contemporary artist who is reinventing the pin up. Maria Elena Buszek, one of the producers on the project, talks about how contemporary artists are tweaking the pin up theme. The problem has been that the artists she feature in her book Pin Up Grrrls are either not working in the genre any more or have passed away. And the folks that work with galleries like Lou Meisel,while wonderful, tend to be honing a little too closely to the 1950s traditions or are working in a more Playboy-inspired theme, which I’m not sure is entirely on board with the point this project is trying to make. Lou did forward our contact information to the person who represents Greg Hildebrandt. His work is definitely moving things forward, but he’s also a male artist, and the film has been intentionally fairly female centric. So I’m not sure if he’s entirely “right” for the project or not. Still mulling that one over, and trying to decide how much control I need to take here.  I think it would much more of a no-brainer if Hildebrandt were located or showing nearby to where I am, but at the moment his exhibits are not location-friendly.

In the meantime, I’m thrilled that Ralthus may be a part of the project! Skyping with her soon…


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