8 June 2014

It’s been a day of housekeeping for the Pin Up! The Movie crew. Most of the day was spent designing a print ad for the film and procrastinating about script writing. Typical. It’s far more fun to do the design stuff than the actual writing.

Here’s the ad.

PinUpPoster small

But part of the design stuff included working on the website for the project and getting the blog started up. Helpful, no?

The plan is for the blog to be fairly analytical. Yes, I’ll whine about the production process and other such things. Complain about mental blocks. Rejoice when the breakthroughs happen. Part of it are notes of a sort.. helping me to sort through the process months or years down the line for my “other” job as a college professor/researcher.

But I’ll also keep you posted on what’s happening in the film.

Can’t guarantee I’ll blog every day (it’s a bare bones staff here), but there will be regular updates on the project. And I’ll try to insert more personality than I have here.

Anyhoo, welcome!


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